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Warriors: The Second Generation

Feb 20, 2010, 7:37 AM 8

A large, orange tabby walked out from the mist.  She had one intention only; to talk with the legendary Spottedleaf, an ancient medicine cat.  All the forest around her was so unfamiliar to the tabby.  Finally, she found the tortoiseshell she-cat she was looking for, but she was talking to another warrior.  "Weaselclaw?  What are you doing here?" the tabby asked.  Weaselclaw was large and strong.  He was light brown with green eyes.  His eyes turned from Spottedleaf to the bright orange tabby and his ear twitched.  "Flamestar?  I came here to share tongues with StarClan.  I had a dream i thought they could interpret.  What brings you here?"  "I was going to talk to Spottedleaf about our rivalry with StreamClan and DarkClan. StormClan hasn't given us any grief lately, but we shouldn't forget them.  They may still be angry after the fight last moon.  Do you have any ideas, Spottedleaf?" Flamestar asked.  "I may have one.  StormClan could still be recovering or something maybe wrong.  You could check with them by going and asking," Weaselclaw interrupted.  "That's a great idea, Weaselclaw.  I do believe you should do that, Flamestar.  This is all I can tell you though.  Only you can decide," Spottedleaf agreed.  "Do you mind if I hear your dream, Weaselclaw.?" Flamestar asked. " I'd be delighted," Weaselclaw said.  "I was stalking some prey when a snapped twig scared it.  Then I saw you Flamestar, and I suddenly realized I was the StormClan leader somehow.  You were disappointed because you said that I stole warriors.  As I saw you get up, I said I would give up my clan to make you happy.  Then you stopped and listened.  I said I couldn't be happy if you weren't. Then, you came back and said it was okay.  Finally, you started rubbing against me.  Then, you started to disappear and finally you were gone."  Spottedleaf stared at Weaselclaw speechless.  "We need to see Jayfeather," she hissed. "Now!"

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