Hilarious Chess Exam!
What if you had to take up an exam to attain a title? :D

Hilarious Chess Exam!

FM Geborgenheit

Hello & Namaste! Get ready to become a student again and take this hilarious chess exam! 
A few years back, I prepared a set of questions for my students to make it funny. 
You can post the answers in the comments  
I'm really excited to see how many of you score 100%

Exam I 
Time: 30 minutes
Questions: 10 
Points: 5 points for each

1. Which chess piece controls 14 squares irrespective of where it is placed?

2. Which are some of the chess oriented movies? (Minimum 5)

3.Consider the following situations: 
White sacrificed his Queen and managed to promote his pawn to a Queen by capturing the rook: exf8 = Q. By how many points is white ahead of black?
a) 4

4. The White King on h1 and the Black King on h8 are gearing up for a fight. White’s target is to reach a8 or c8. Black’s target is to reach a1 or c1. Since white gets to move first, black is considered as a winner if he manages to stop White’s king from reaching a8 or c8. Who is most likely to win? What should white play? (5 minutes)


What is so special about this position? (Composed by Ropke)

6. A composer announced : White mates in one. Can you prove him right? 

7. White to play and Mate in 2

8. Black offered a draw here. Should White accept it? Why?

9. Which is one thing that all pieces can do except the Queen? 

10. White to play! State your second move and the last move!

I will be back with the second part of the exam tomorrow :-) 
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