Seven Simple Chess Habits for Better Performance
Tiny changes for better performance!

Seven Simple Chess Habits for Better Performance

FM Geborgenheit

Hello & Namaste!
Continuing the series on the lists, today I'm going to share 7 simple habits for elevating your chess performance. 

You can start small and pick whichever seems doable and eventually instill all the seven for your next event on a trial basis. If it works, great! 

You might be wondering what exactly to do while your opponent is thinking. Here is a prompt list:

Here is a bonus - Think of a ritual that can help you in switching modes. It could be listening to a song, reading a book or just walking. That ritual could be your 'me' time and help you in bringing back your mojo if you feel it is missing. 

A quick overview - You can consider saving the image/taking a screenshot. 

I did stream about this online and here is a YouTube video:

I hope you found it useful. Cheers! 
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