Take My Rooks!
One of my most memorable games!

Take My Rooks!

FM Geborgenheit

Hello & Welcome! 
In this post, I'm going to share one of my most memorable games. The title is inspired from the book 'Take my rooks' written by Nikolay Minev and Yasser Seirwan. The book deals with rook sacrifices and I did remember the book while playing this particular game. 

In this position, the natural 14.0-0 would have given an advantage to white. But, I got attracted by an idea involving a lot of checks. This was the moment I started calculating crazy lines. 

In this particular moment, I calculated a variation that ended in a mate. I was very excited to see the whole thing at once and so played 17.Nc3.

Black played 17...Qxh1 18. Kd2 19.Qxa1

This is the real exercise - White to play

Where did Black go wrong? 

Taking one rook was right, but two was one too much! So, he should have played - 
and that would have saved him the game as the Queen controls the crucial h2-b8 digaonal, preventing the bishop's check. 

I hope you enjoyed this memorable game of mine :-)