35% Off Prodigy Program Intro Bundle (Promotional)

35% Off Prodigy Program Intro Bundle (Promotional)

Mar 30, 2017, 12:06 AM |

Chess University’s Prodigy Program

Start Your Journey Towards Mastery Today!

Chess University’s Prodigy Program is the world’s premier and most comprehensive online chess course designed to help adults work their way towards mastery and create chess prodigies out of youth players. By offering the highest quality of live lessons, detailed study guides, instructive homework, personalized game analysis, and unlimited guidance from our world-class team of coaches, we provide ambitious chess players a clear path to chess improvement and mastery.

The Prodigy Program is for chess players of all ages who are seeking a structured way to learn chess from the world’s most qualified instructors including legends such as former World Champion Vishy Anand. This Prodigy Program Intro Bundle includes select lessons from the January 2017 Prodigy Program suitable for beginners and intermediate players (1000-1500 range). Between now and April 5th, 2017 use the coupon code 35DEAL to save 35% on your tuition.



 Prodigy Program Intro Bundle Information:

  • The Prodigy Program Intro Bundle lessons are taught by Kairav Joshi, Chess.com’s officially #1-selling coach and President of Chess University, along with FM Dalton Perrine, FM Arne Jochens, IM Lawrence Trent, and five-time World Champion Vishy Anand.
  • This bundle includes over 5 hours and 20 minutes of recorded lessons including 30-minutes of Vishy Anand’s lesson from January 2017.
  • Also included is a study guide with homework.
  • Students may submit one game for personalized emailed analysis by our instructors. That’s right, you can submit one of your own games and get feedback from us!


Lesson Topics:

  • Mastering fundamental endgame checkmates: K Q vs. K, K R vs. K, and K B B vs. K.
  • Tactics and basic combinations.
  • Understanding importance of forcing moves, forcing replies, and forcing continuations.
  • Learning to play forcing, aggressive chess move by move.
  • Evaluating pros and cons of typical forcing pawn moves.
  • Understanding forcing queen and rook moves.
  • General training.
  • Refer to the curriculum tab on our course page for lesson titles, duration, and instructors.


  Why Try Out Prodigy Program Intro Bundle?:

  • The Prodigy Program is the world’s first and only comprehensive online chess learning program. The program has been operating successfully for two years now.
  • The program is taught by best-selling, world-class coaches who time after time have proven their ability to help take chess players to the next level.
  • With detailed study guides, homework assignments, one-on-one emailed game analysis, and guidance all in addition to the lessons we teach, the value is unbeatable.
  • The Prodigy Program gives students the opportunity to learn from and interact with celebrity chess players such as five-time World Champion Vishy Anand.
  • Our students perform exceedingly well at tournaments. A few students have even won thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in prizes at tournaments like the Millionaire Chess Open.
  • No long-term commitment is required but we give you long-term access to course materials pertaining to the course/section you take!
  • This is the highest quality of chess instruction available in the world. Period. We actively invest back into the program every month to continue making it better. If you truly love chess and want to become a much better player, try out the Prodigy Program.



I developed an interest chess as an adult and was exploring alternatives for learning this fascinating game in an orderly and systematic way.   I was willing to put in the time and effort, all I needed was a roadmap.   I found that road map in The Chess University’s Prodigy program.  The quality of the instruction is outstanding, but more important to me has been the disciplined nature of the program that has given me an opening repertoire, improved my tactical skills and developed my confidence in the end game.  My online rating has increased over 400 points in less than a year and I feel like the sky is the limit.  Thank you Kairav and the entire Chess University staff.  I recommend the program to anyone seriously committed to improving at chess.
I have been a prodigy program member since Feburary. The value associated with this program FAR exceeds the 150 a month. Have you ever read a book where you really didn’t understand a certain thought process or move order and really wish you had someone really skilled to ask. Yup, we get that in our live lessons. Ever want your game reviewed/commentated by FM/NM/IM/GM, yup we get a couple of those a month. My personal opinion is that this program is fantastic for people who actually want to improve at the game.

To Enroll in Prodigy Program Trial Bundle:

  1. Visit the course page: https://chessuniversity.com/courses/prodigy-program-intro-bundle-promotional/
  2. Click on "Take This Course" and create a student account there if you don't already have one otherwise simply log in and proceed to checkout.
  3. Enter the promo code 35DEAL and click the "Apply Coupon" button to save 35% and complete checkout with credit/debit card or PayPal.
  4. Email questions@chessuniversity.com if you have questions.


So what are you waiting for? Start your journey towards mastery today. We look forward to having you in the program!

Contact Chess University President Kairav Joshi by sending an email to questions@chessuniversity.com