Resources for Improving Tactical Skill Part 3


In my previous article, I compiled resources for improving tactical skill for intermediate players (1400 - 1800).

This article is aimed at players above 1800 elo strength but anybody who has finished doing everything recommended in my previous articles will find this article useful.


Homework Plan for 1800+ USCF/FIDE Chess Players for Improving Tactics:

* Spend 30 minutes DAILY doing problems from's Tactics Trainer:


Watch the following chess videos:


Read these chess articles:


Do this chess mentor course:

Shockers!: has less material aimed at 1800+ level players compared to lower rating ranges, but doing everything mentioned in this article will only contribute to your chess positively so do it!

I'd also like to let all of my students and potential future students know that has disabled its coach payment system meaning the payment method for booking chess lessons with me has changed. I still accept payment via PayPal but for those who prefer using credit/debit, you will need to visit my work-in-progress website: to purchase lessons.


With that I'd like to wrap up this article and wish you all the best for improving at chess!