Resources for Improving Tactical Skill Part 1

Nov 22, 2012, 7:38 PM |

I frequently receive messages from individuals seeking advice regarding improving tactical skill. Instead of answering the same question again and again, I thought I'd just write a blog post regarding this topic.

I can summarize the answer by repeating the same word three times: practice, practice, practice!

Pattern recognization along with grasping the basics of analyzing is all it takes to improve tactics. It is important you understand common tactical patterns and solve hundreds of tactics puzzles.


Homework Plan for Under 1400 USCF/FIDE Chess Players for Improving Tactics:

* Spend 30 minutes DAILY doing problems from's Tactics Trainer:


Watch the following chess videos:

Watch all the videos from this guide:


Do These Chess Mentor Courses:


Exclusively Checkmates:

Introduction to Tactics:

Essential Checkmate Patterns:

Champion Tactics with GM Wolff series:


Pins and Skewers:

Double Attack:

Discovered Check & Double Check:

Deflecting the Defender:

Clearance Sacrifice:

In-Between Moves:


Misplaced Pieces:

Back Rank Mate:

Smother Tactics:


That should keep you busy for a while :)