University Classes

Jul 12, 2013, 4:42 PM |
0 University, an organization founded by IM David Pruess and IM Daniel Rensch is now shifting gears from offering traditional chess seminars to now offering chess classes!


What is a University chess class?

A University chess class is like an online college class, except the topic is chess:

- Syllabus

- Pretest

- Class Chess Book

- Assignments With Feedback

- Assessments


These thorough classes are designed to teach everthing chess players at certain levels need to know and be able to do. While lots of content will be covered in these classes, our focus is on employing the learn-by-doing approach. Chess is ultimately a thinking game and these classes are designed improve students' ability to think: analyze, calculate, evaluate, and plan. University classes won't just provide students with the necessary content and guidance on how to improve. We will make you improve!

We will teach you the content, have you apply it, and make you capable of applying it in your games. Everybody knows isolated doubled pawns are usually very bad, yet only about 5 - 10% of chess players who know that fact can actually make use of it in their games.

With University's chess classes, students can stop thinking about what to study, what to buy, what to read, how to improve, etc and relax. We will do all of that work for you.

Most chess classes will use's resources, a chess book, written lectures by the instructor, and have weekly live video lectures from the instructor. Skype support available to all students.

Most classes are to last between 1 and 3 months.

I'm currently offering a sample four-week long class as a trial to see how effective and useful students find these classes to be and how time-consuming it is for the instructor.

The first University class has been announced!