University's Grandmaster Program

Mar 31, 2016, 2:15 AM |

Did you feel that the Prodigy Program was a terrific offering but not advanced enough for you? Are you a player in the 2100-2300 Elo range aspiring to become an IM or GM? Look no further than University's Grandmaster Program, tentatively scheduled to start on July 10th, 2016.


The Proposal:

  • Directed by University President Kairav Joshi.
  • 10 hours of interactive live lessons per month taught primarily by a team of two grandmaster coaches. Guest instructors can include renown international masters and grandmasters. Lessons get recorded so students can review.
  • A detailed monthly study guide based on that particular month's curriculum.
  • Two homework sets (each containing several problems that require deep insight and application of various concepts to correctly solve) per month.
  • Textbooks assigned by the instructors.
  • Students are welcome to host recitation/review sessions where they can work on homework together and help each other train.
  • Reasonable amount of email support provided by the coaches. Quick questions and request for tips and advice would receive prompt responses. We cannot offer full emailed game analyses but a question about a particular move or whether not a sacrifice was positionally sound is permitted.
  • Tuition: $200/month
  • Students may receive an option to discount or waive their tuition by contributing to the Prodigy Program.

The Trial Run:

  • We have been interested in offering such an advanced program since last year but the costs of grandmaster preparation and instruction combined with the scarcity of 2100-2300 Elo players makes it difficult for such a program to even break even. We cannot operate this program at a loss.
  • The only way to determine if the Grandmaster Program can work is by trying it out for one month. As students will also want to test this out, the trial run can be half paced and half priced (5 hours of live lessons instead of 10 and everything else adjusted accordingly) so $100 for the trial month.
  • We need at least 30 students to preregister for the trial month by June 1st, 2016. If we are unable to reach this threshold by June 1st, all preregistered students will be refunded and the trial month will not be offered either.
  • The trial month can begin on July 10th, 2016 as long as 30 students preregister.
  • We intend to open preregistration close to the end of April after finalizing important details such as topics and the team of instructors. Regardless of those details, the quality of instruction offered in the Grandmaster Program will be second to none. The only open question is whether we can recruit enough students to offer this program.
  • Fill out the form below if you may be interested in trying out the trial month of the Grandmaster Program. Suggestions for improving the program offering are welcome but note that most likely, in order for us to offer more through this program, we will need a large class size. You can make that happen by spreading the word. :-)


    Kairav Joshi
    President University