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Feb 2018 Prodigy Program Lite + Updates

Feb 2018 Prodigy Program Lite + Updates

Jan 19, 2018, 2:03 AM 0

Hello everybody,

I hope the new year is off to a great start for you. As you may have heard, we redesigned the Prodigy Program this January to have it fully self-paced with the live lessons only as extra perks. If you're serious about improving at chess, I recommend you check out the 2018 Prodigy Program Month 1 packages and watch the free introductory video as well as read the syllabus here: https://chessuniversity.com/live-classes-list/

The 2018 Prodigy Program Month 1 package is $99 and includes lifetime access to the course purchased. It's the best value program our company has ever offered and the course to enroll in if you have enough time to study these next few months.

For busy individuals and those on a budget, we've introduced the new Prodigy Program Lite which is $25/month and includes four hours of live lessons with access to their video recordings. Registration for the PP Lite in January is closed but it's possible to sign up for February using this link:  https://chessuniversity.com/prodigy-program-lite

PS - I apparently forgot to send our members a new years gift this year but as they say... better late than never! You can use the promo code HAPPY2018 and save 10% on any one course at ChessUniversity.com between now and end of January. Note that the new "Lite" option is excluded because it follows a completely different payment processing system and isn't listed as a "course" on our website. But all recorded and live courses listed at ChessUniversity.com will accept that promo code.

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