GM Jacob Aagaard Teaching in New 2000+ Section of Prodigy Program!

GM Jacob Aagaard Teaching in New 2000+ Section of Prodigy Program!


We are excited to announce that world renown chess author, educator, and entrepreneur GM Jacob Aagaard will be teaching a live lesson in our new 2000+ Elo section of the Prodigy Program. He will join our very own GM Alex Yermolinsky and IM Kostya Kavutskiy as instructors in the first month of this 2000+ Elo section.

The 2000+ Elo section caters to experts wanting to become masters. Our course offers live lessons with top coaches, homework between sessions, and the right training to help experts become masters.

To learn more, click HERE and read the syllabus (on the curriculum tab), schedule, and video recording of our preview lesson for the 2000+ section. 

Not an expert yet? Let's get you there! We're launching new 900+ (beginner), 1200+ (intermediate), 1500+ (advanced), and 1750+ (very advanced) sections of the Prodigy Program with two pricing options: $99/month (standard option) or $25/month (lite option).

Please visit the following course pages and click on the curriculum tab there to view the syllabus, schedule, and recording of the preview lesson. Live attendance is not required and students are welcome to study at their own pace. Here are the links you need:
900+ Section:
1200+ Section:
1500+ Section:
1750+ Section:

Program starts this weekend - sign up today at!

Have questions? Contact us at or give us a call at 509-228-8650.