July 2015 Standard Learning Program Now Completely Free

July 2015 Standard Learning Program Now Completely Free


This is an updated post regarding the July 2015 Standard Learning Program, which is completely free for everybody.

Did you ever want to learn chess from the best through programs such as the Prodigy Program but didn't have time or couldn't afford the tuition? Or, did you consider our programs but decided against enrolling because of any uncertainties? Were you wishing we would offer a reduced version of the Prodigy Program that is less intense and has a lower tuition? Do you want to learn chess from the best for FREE?


If you answered "yes," read on because we've got great news for you!


*Presenting the Standard Learning Program*

Chess.com University's Standard Learning Program is a new coaching program for players of all ages who want to learn and improve at chess. The Standard Learning Program or "SLP" is effectively a reduced version of the Prodigy Program, the leading online super-coaching program.

While SLP is the budget version of the Prodigy Program, it is still led by the same folks who made the Prodigy Program so great. Compared to the Prodigy Program, SLP is a fairly laid-back program and not time-consuming. SLP is for those who only have a few hours each month to study chess but still want to learn from the best coaches and receive proper guidance for improving their play.


In general, here is what the Standard Learning Program will offer each month:

  • Five rating sections: 0-500; 501-900; 901-1300; 1301-1600; 1601-1900 Elo.
  • Two 60-minute live, interactive online classes that are also recorded for later review.
  • A 15-minute live question-and-answer session. This exists because there is no email support in SLP aside from technical support.
  • A one-page study guide.
  • One written lecture or puzzle packet.

Additional Information Regarding First Month of SLP:

The first month of the Standard Learning Program is July 2015. Classes begin on July 11th. Tuition is $0.00!

Chess.com University is the world's leading online chess-teaching organization because we work hard every day to help others learn and improve at this game we all love. Numerous studies have demonstrated the academic and health benefits of chess and we believe that more people should enjoy this fascinating intellectual sport! We also believe that everybody should have an opportunity to learn chess the right way.

It is important to note that creating, managing, and teaching an online chess program is incredibly time-consuming and expensive. Monthly tuition for the Standard Learning Program was set to be $35. However, we decided to do something special for the chess community. In order to encourage and help more individuals improve at chess, we decided to give everybody the chance to learn chess from the best for free.

The July 2015 month of the Standard Learning Program is now completely free for everybody. Previously, the July 2015 month of the SLP was free only for Chess.com University group members and Chess.com Premium Members. But now, it is also free for your friends, family, neighbors, classmates, collegues, and everybody else! All expenses have been paid for by Chess.com University President Kairav Joshi making the July 2015 month completely free for everybody.


Meet the SLP Coaches:

  • Chess.com University President Kairav Joshi
  • Chess.com University Instructor GM Alex Yermolinsky
  • Chess.com University Instructor FM Dalton Perrine
  • Chess.com University Assistant Instructor FM Arne Jochens
  • Chess.com University Assistant Instructor NM Julian Lin
  • Chess.com University Assistant Instructor Dr. James Stripes
  • Others yet to be finalized

So what are you waiting for? You have the golden opportunity to learn chess from the best without having to pay a penny. This is our gift to the chess community. Make full use of it!

However, we have one request. Before proceeding and signing up for the free month of SLP, we would like you to tell at least five other individuals about this opportunity so they can benefit too.


Here are a few ways you can help:

- Spread the word in your neighborhood, school, and community.

- Share this news with your local chess clubs.

- Mention this on social media.


We've spent thousands of dollars and have worked countless hours to give everybody the opportunity to learn chess from the best for free this July. We hope that you can set aside 10 minutes for us to inform other chess players and even recruit first-time chess players as we have one SLP section for those who are completely new to the game.

Note: Even current Prodigy Program students should fill out the form and enroll in SLP for one month because it is free.

To register for the July 2015 month of the Standard Learning Program for free, fill out this form by July 4th, 2015.