Self-Paced Prodigy Program (Start With January 2017)

Self-Paced Prodigy Program (Start With January 2017)

Mar 16, 2017, 5:03 PM |

Did you know that you can study in the Prodigy Program at your own pace?

After we finish teaching a live Prodigy Program month, we make the lessons available as a recorded course that students can go through at their own pace. The starting point is January (with lessons #1-10 for each section) after which students can continue onto February (with lessons #11-20 for each section) and so on.


Students who take these recorded course packages receive full email support and can email us questions they weren't able to ask live. While attending live is the most engaging, this still allows very effective learning. Self-pacing students can also submit their own games for analysis just like the students who attended live were able to do!


We generally don't offer discounts on the Prodigy Program as it offers unbelievable value but from now till April 12th, 2017 we are running a 10% off sale on the January 2017 Prodigy Program courses. During checkout, you may enter the promo code: JANSAVE10 to discount your tuition.


Note that five-time world champion GM Vishy Anand taught in the January 2017 Prodigy Program so you will also gain access to that lesson when you enroll in a January 2017 recorded Prodigy Program course!


Enroll in January 2017 Prodigy Program:

Note that we have four rating sections: 900+ Elo, 1200+ Elo, 1500+ Elo, and 1750+ Elo. Join the section that is closest to your actual chess strength. Note that online ratings tend to be inflated.

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The Prodigy Program has revolutionized online chess education and our students are breaking records (youngest-ever chess master in U.S. history for example)! Stay tuned for our upcoming article regarding student success.