Standard Learning Program - August Registration Open

Standard Learning Program - August Registration Open

Aug 6, 2015, 4:07 AM |

This is the initial post regarding the August 2015 Standard Learning Program (SLP). Thousands of chess players got a chance to learn from University for free through the July 2015 SLP. The SLP is now set to be a regular offering by University. Read on to learn more.


*Presenting the Standard Learning Program* University's Standard Learning Program is a new coaching program for players of all ages who want to learn and improve at chess. The Standard Learning Program or "SLP" is effectively a reduced and slower paced version of the Prodigy Program, the world's leading online super-coaching program.

While SLP is the budget version of the Prodigy Program, it is still led by the those who made the Prodigy Program so great. Compared to the Prodigy Program, SLP is a fairly laid-back program. SLP is aimed at those who only have about five to ten hours each month to study chess but still want to learn from the best coaches and receive proper guidance for improving their play.


In general, here is what the Standard Learning Program offers each month:

  • Four rating sections: 501-900; 901-1300; 1301-1600; 1601-1900 Elo.
  • Two 60-minute live, interactive online classes with top coaches that are also recorded for later review. The live lessons are generally taught in the 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM PDT range.
  • A 15-minute live question-and-answer session.
  • A one-page study guide per month.
  • One written lecture, puzzle packet, PGN file, or a bonus video lesson.

Note: Some of you may have noticed that we have one less section than last month. We offered a 0-500 section in July but ended up discontinuing this section.

*The August lessons of the 501-900, 901-1300, 1301-1600, and 1601-1900 Elo sections begin on Sunday, August 16th, 2015 at 10:00 AM PDT with an introduction session. 


Meet the SLP Coaches:

Kairav Joshi:

  • University President
  •'s #1-Selling Chess Coach
  • Director of SLP
  • Head Instructor in 501-900 and 901-1300 SLP Sections

FM Dalton Perrine

  • University Assistant Director and Instructor
  • Established Coach on
  • Head Instructor in 1301-1600 and 1601-1900 SLP Sections

FM Arne Jochens

  • University Instructor
  • Instructor in 1301-1600 and 1601-1900 SLP Sections

NM Julian Lin

  • University Instructor
  • General Assistant in SLP

Dr. James Stripes

  • University Assistant Instructor
  • Well-known Coach and Organizer in Washington State
  • Instructor in 501-900 and 901-1300 SLP Sections



Registration for the August 2015 SLP is now open.

The monthly tuition for the Standard Learning Program is $35/student. Students can make a one-time payment for the August 2015 SLP by using the link below:



After completing payment, you will receive a transaction ID number via email within five to ten minutes. Once you receive this email, fill out and submit the form below with your transaction ID number and student information to complete registration. Registration is not complete until you submit the form below. Please don't forget this step!