Thinking Like A Master - Playthrough Video Course

Apr 4, 2018, 7:27 PM |

Live Chess Playthrough Video Course by FM Dalton Perrine


One of the goals of beginning chess players is to crack the 1200 rating barrier. Many players think it’s too difficult or just too time-consuming to reach that level. However, it’s much simpler than that! In this Live Chess Playthrough video course, FIDE-Master Dalton Perrine will teach you the skills needed to beat all kinds of players rated below 1200 and get yourself a higher rating.

This 3-hour video course featuring 10 live chess playthroughs is targeted towards players in the 0-1200 Elo range and will help boost your chess skills and rating. You can improve your play by studying how a strong player thinks during a game against a club-level player. Dalton discusses his thought-process as he makes each move and explains how to capitalize on his opponent’s mistakes.

Throughout the games, Dalton will focus on teaching four key skills needed to crush amateur club-level players. Each video will feature one or more of these skills and how they were used to win the game. In addition to the 10 playthrough videos, this course comes with a bonus video that summarizes the four key skills and what you can do to improve your own skills.

By studying these playthrough videos, learning from Dalton’s thought-process, and applying the tips, tricks, and advice to your own games, you’ll become a better player and start winning more games.

Table of Contents

Video 1: Introduction and Game 1 (19 minutes)
Video 2: Game 2 (15 minutes)
Video 3: Game 3 (17 minutes)
Video 4: Game 4 (17 minutes)
Video 5: Game 5 (13 minutes)
Video 6: Game 6 (21 minutes)
Video 7: Game 7 (7 minutes)
Video 8: Game 8 (20 minutes)
Video 9: Game 9 (17 minutes)
Video 10: Game 10 (17 minutes)
Video 11: Summary Bullet Points and Conclusion (20 minutes)

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