Watch Lessons From July 2017 Prodigy Program


Hello everybody!


Below are some free video recorded lessons from the July 2017 Prodigy Program. Be sure to watch the lesson(s) close to your rating level this week. Note online ratings tend to be inflated compared to the Elo ratings we have used as a reference below so you may want to watch the lessons from a lower rating section too. Registration for the August 2017 month of the Prodigy Program opens at very soon!


1750+ Elo Rating (Very Advanced): Advanced Attacking with FM Arne Jochens:


1500+ Elo Rating (Advanced): Evaluating Queen Moves (Queens Gone Wild?) with Kairav Joshi:


1200+ Elo Rating (Intermediate): Battle of the Minor Pieces with IM Lawrence Trent:


900+ Elo Rating (Beginner): Knowing Your Objective with FM Dalton Perrine:

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