Chess Tournament Registration (45'+30")

Chess Tournament Registration (45'+30")

FM Gertsog

Dear Chess Friends!

This is FM Victor Neustroev and I'm glad to announce that I conduct our next tournament! I'm sure you were waiting for it. I received several questions about when it starts and who is allowed to play.

On or other chess websites you can find only blitz or rapid tournaments. But if you want to get progress, you should play not only blitz or rapid, but longer classical games. That's why, I offer a tournament with a standard time control - 45'+30"!
And I’m glad to welcome you to participate.

It’s an online chess tournament with a real money prize!

7 rounds!

1 game per week!

No registration fee for my students! Only $5 for others!

Register now! I accept only 22 players.

Players with FIDE (or USCF) rating under 1800 are allowed.

Chess Tournament "Chess Summer - 2020"

Start: 5th July 2020 (last day for registration).

Finish: 23rd August 2020 (approximately)

Online chess tournament with money prize, 1 game per week, 7 rounds. Swiss pairings. 

Time control: 45'+30"

Prizes and distribution

1st prize: $75 (USD)

2nd prize: $25+1-hour training session with FM Victor Neustroev

3rd prize: 3 Chess courses devoted to 3 groups of tactical motifs (about 5.5-hours of educational video)

Tie-break for the 1st place in case if 2 or more players score the same total number of points after the last round.

Playing procedure

1) I make pairings and publish them in our group & Facebook page

2) During the week your task is to negotiate with your opponent, schedule the game and play it on or (45'+30")

3) Send me the link to this game (I have to check it for cheating)

What to do to participate in the tournament

What do you get from the tournament (if you don’t win a prize)?

  • Experience & Practice

While almost all OTB tournaments are cancelled this tournament is a good opportunity for you to get practice and keep fit in chess. We play with a long time control (45'+30"), closer to real OTB tournament conditions. This is a way for you to prepare for future OTB tournaments or just to improve your skills. When you play rapid or blitz, you don’t have enough time to calculate. With 45 minutes on your clock you can do this and this is where your calculation skills improve.

  • I’m going to analyze a few top games of every round and publish the analysis on Youtube

This is a way for you to learn where you made mistakes, not just blunders, but strategical mistakes that took you to the wrong direction. This is what chess engine doesn’t show.

  • Every player will get personal recommendations about what to improve and how

After the tournament I will be in touch with every participant to explain his (her) strong and weak sides and I can also give some recommendations.


See you at the tournament!
FM Victor Neustroev