Copywriter wanted

Copywriter wanted

FM Gertsog

Dear Chess Friends!

I am looking for the author of chess texts to join my team and I decided to take a closer look at like-minded people among my followers!

If you know the names of Carlsen and Nakamura, Morphy and Capablanca, you know where Linares and Wijk aan Zee are, how the English attack differs from the English Opening, and at the same time you know how to put letters into words and sentences, then this offer is for you! 

What do you need to do in order to get into the the team? Complete the test task.

Write a review of any tour of Wijk aan Zee 2021 or any other tournament played this year.

You need to describe briefly and clearly (4-5 paragraphs) what happened in the tour. Clearly highlight the main thing (in the introduction) and vividly (so that it is clear to the amateur, but not funny for the pros) reflect the course of the most interesting games! Use your copywriting skills!

Send your test task to the following email address:

I’m looking forward to reading your emailsIm! Good luck!

FM Viktor Neustroev