FINAL RESULTS! Online Chess Tournament "Spring-2020"

FINAL RESULTS! Online Chess Tournament "Spring-2020"

FM Gertsog

My Dear Chess Friends!
We are about to finish our 2nd Online Tournament! 7 rounds were played and what we get!?

The 5th place belongs to Elliot who played quite well on the second stage of the tournament and, for example, outplayed such a strong player as Scott.

The 3rd and 4th places are divided by John and Vyacheslav. The difference between their Buchholz is only 0.5 point, but that was enough to rank.

John is 4th. There is no prize for the 4th place, but I decided to provide John with a special "prize for the will to win"  John, you may choose any of my online chess courses listed on my website and get it for free.

Vyacheslav gets the 3rd place and his prize is 3 Chess courses devoted to 3 groups of tactical motifs (about 5.5-hours). Slava, please, message to get the access to these courses.

And now the second place and the winner... Actually we didn't have a winner because 2 players scored equal number of points. According to the regulations of this tournament we made a Tie-break between Dadal and Kristina!

2 rapid games with 15+10 time control.

If the score is 1:1, then 2 blitz games with 3+2 time control.

If then the score is equal, then 1 game of Armaggedon. Black has 4 minutes, white has 5 minutes. If it's a draw - then black player is a winner!

Please, watch the Tie-Break with my comments on this video!

Kristina won the first rapid game and the second game was a draw! That's why she is a winner and gets the first prize of 100 USD.

Dadal gets the second prize - 1.5-hour Training Session with FM Victor Neustroev!

My congratulations for everyone! You did a great job!

The next tournament will be in June! See you then!

Viktor Neustroev