Greek Gift Sacrifice

Greek Gift Sacrifice

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Dear Chess Friends!

Every chess player enjoys the game where he attacks. It’s even more enjoyable if the attack started with a beautiful combination or includes it. How do club players find such combinations? If we speak about masters – they definitely know what to look for in a concrete position. If you are a club player and sometimes struggle with finding tactical strikes in the game, I will teach you a certain pattern that you will be able to recognize during your own games. The tactical pattern I’m going to demonstrate in this video is called Greek Gift Sacrifice.

After both players castled short their kings are covered with the pawns. While f7 and f2 pawns are protected with the rooks, the only other way to deliver a checkmate is to attack the king on g7 (g2) or h7 (h2).

In this video you learned Greek Gift Sacrifice, a tactical pattern with a bishop sacrifice that will help you to initiate a mating attack on the enemy king. After watching this video I’m sure you are able to recognize whether the sacrifice on h7 (or h2) deserves attention or doesn’t make sense. And if it deserves the analysis, now you know which moves to look for to checkmate or gain the material.

Thank you for watching and make sure to like this video, subscribe to my Youtube channel and share it with your friends - chess players, so they can learn when to sacrifice the bishop on h7 (or h2) and when they should look for different way of how to continue the attack. If you have already applied Greek Gift Sacrifice in your own games, please, share these games into the comment section below this video.

Best Regards,
FM Viktor Neustroev