Honest Chess League

Honest Chess League

FM Gertsog

Dear Chess Friends!

Cheating is a big problem in online chess. Each tournament usually has 2-3 participants who use computer assistance. And this is certainly unfair to the other participants.

Some cheaters can be caught and disqualified, but I believe that some still remain unnoticed. What should I do about it? Improve the system for detecting cheaters. Chess.com is actively engaged in this, but so far it is much easier for a cheater to create another account and cheat again then for chess.com to identify the cheater and ban him/her.

The situation is complicated by the fact that cheating is always a scandal during and after the tournament. The cheater proves his case, and the tournament organizer is forced to explain who, for what and why was banned. And then to change the Pairings and Tournament Results unofficially.

As an organizer of online chess tournaments, it is quite difficult for me in such situations, so I want to solve the problem radically.

I know that my students and many of my subscribers participated in the tournaments I held. In total, about 100 chess players participated in my online tournaments.

I am happy to announce a new chess project “Honest Chess League". This is an online tournament that only chess players who have never been suspected of cheating can participate in. I will choose the participants myself and send out invitations.

If you have never participated in my tournaments, but have never been suspected of cheating, you also have a chance to get into the tournament. A titled chess player, such as your coach, must vouch for you. It can either be someone from the list of coaches on Chess.com, or a credible chess player with the title of GM or just a titled chess player who is familiar with me.

This way, I am sure that we will be able to hold the tournament in a fair way and certainly without cheaters!

So, Honest Chess League is 2 leagues – 2 chess tournaments. 2nd League beginners with Chess.com rated up to 1200, and 1st League chess players with a FIDE rating (or national rating) up to 1800.

League 2 is a round-robin tournament for beginners. Participants play 2 games with each other (2 games per week) and during the game they can see each other via Zoom or Skype. The winner of League 2 moves on to League 1 in the next tournament.

League 1 is a Swiss Tournament, 7 rounds. Parties of all participants without exception will be checked for cheating. There will be cash prizes in both tournaments.

Tournament details will be published later.

If you have any ideas of suggestions, please, share them into comment section below.

Best regards,
FM Viktor Neustroe