How to Beat Stafford Gambit

How to Beat Stafford Gambit


Nowadays, everyone has a lot of opportunities to learn the theory and try to trick their opponents with a trap or an unsound gambit. For example, Stafford Gambit in Russian Game (Petroff Defense). I’m talking about this position!

It almost never happens in Grandmasters’ games, but is so popular among clubplayers, especially on Internet. Clubplayers are more likely to make a mistake in uncomfortable and unfamiliar positions.

Would you like to learn how to beat Stafford Gambit and get a quick win with white pieces? Just watch this short video to the very end, learn at least first 6 moves and implement it in your games.

In this video you learned how to play against Stafford gambit successfully and obtain a huge advantage after the first 10-12 moves. You also learned the ideas and plans that black wants to apply. Even if you forget the move order, you can remember it based on the threats that you expect black to create. Thank you for watching and make sure to like this video, subscribe to my channel and share it with your friends - chess players.

If you would like to get the analysis in PGN - here it is:

Now I want you to play a few games online, get some practice and demonstrate that Stafford Gambit is an unsound gambit and can be played only against low-rated players who don’t know any theory there. Please, also share your games and analysis into the comment section below this video!

Best Regards,
FM Viktor Neustroev