How to Defeat Sicilian Dragon?

How to Defeat Sicilian Dragon?

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Dear Chess Friends!

Sicilian defense is the most popular defense in chess. And one of the famous variations there is Dragon Variation, where Black fianchettoes their dark-squared bishop and castles kingside. This opening is played by chess players of all levels including beginners and top grandmasters. Why Dragon Sicilian is popular nowadays? Firstly, it’s easy to learn the basics of it. And if white player doesn’t know the theory Black overtakes the initiative. Moreover, in Sicilian Dragon both players play for a win!

There are several strategies of how to play against Dragon Variation for White. Some of them are sharp, some are positional, but an ability to understand and come up with a plan are required from both players. What if I say that you can learn only one strategy for white and obtain the opening advantage against any Sicilian Dragon Chess player?

Watch this video to the end, make sure to remember the move order, learn the main plan and I’m sure you will enjoy playing against Sicilian Dragon with White.

In this video you learned how to successfully play Yugoslav Attack against Dragon Variation. You may call the 9th move g4 a trap, but it is a good trap. If Black doesn’t know how to react properly, White gets the advantage. If Black plays a proper move, White is still better with good chances to succeed with the kingside attack or positional advantage.

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