How to Stop Blundering Pieces in 1 Move

How to Stop Blundering Pieces in 1 Move

FM Gertsog

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How often do you blunder your pieces in 1 move? Once, twice or many times during the game? If your answer is more than 2 times per game, you should definitely work on it and make it your first priority.

This is FM Viktor Neustroev and in this video I’m going to demonstrate the exercise that can help you to stop blundering pieces in one move! This is what I also recommend you doing with young kids. I’m sure you’ll find this exercise not only helpful, but exciting which is quite important when we try to teach kids to play chess.

Ok, this is FM Viktor Neustroev and “How to stop blundering pieces in 1 move”!

Let me explain the procedure of doing this exercise. First of all, you define what your chess level is. If you are a complete beginner, I recommend putting just a few pieces into the box. If you are just an amateur with Elo about 1000, 4-5 pieces of each color is good option to start this exercise.

Put chosen pieces inside the box and shake it, open it and drop the pieces onto the board. The next step is to put these pieces on the squares they dropped to (or just the squares nearby). Now when the position is set up your task is to analyze what each piece can capture starting with white pieces and then with black.

Can it capture for free? Or the enemy piece is protected by another one? This what you should also answer during this analysis.

Please, do this exercise regularly increasing the number of pieces you use and after a few weeks you’ll realize that you stop (or almost stop) blundering your pieces in 1 move.

In this video you learned a new exercise that trains you to notice which pieces are under the attack, which of them can be captured for free, but which are protected by the other pieces. This is what you should do during every game before you make a move, especially if you are a beginner. Thank you for watching and make sure to like this video, subscribe to my channel and share it with your friends - chess players.

If you know any other exercises that can help or already helped you to avoid blundering, please, share them into the comment section below this video!

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