Live! Online Chess Tournameте "Spring - 2020" - Tie-Break!

Live! Online Chess Tournameте "Spring - 2020" - Tie-Break!

FM Gertsog

My Dear Chess Friends!
We are about to finish our 2nd Online Tournament! 7 rounds were played and what we get!?

We don't have a winner yet. According to the regulations of this tournament we will make a Tie-break between Dadal and Kristina!

Tie-break for the 1st place in case if 2 or more players score the same total number of points after the last round.

The regulations of Tie-break:

2 rapid games with 15+10 time control.

If the score is 1:1, then 2 blitz games with 3+2 time control.

If then the score is equal, then 1 game of Armaggedon. Black has 4 minutes, white has 5 minutes. If it's a draw - then black player is a winner!

I'm going to watch and comment the Tie-break in Live. Watch it below:

FM Viktor Neustroev