Summer Tournament Week 2

Summer Tournament Week 2

FM Gertsog

My Dear Chess Friend!

This article is written by @jay_1944, a member of Online tournament that I organized recently. And it reflects his impression about the the 2nd round of our tournament!

Hi all!

Happy to say week two's match had another positive result, but not a very exciting game. Unfortunately my opponent made an opening blunder that was very easy to overlook, but cost them dearly. This lead to a one sided, quick game. Instead of sharing that game, I will share my most exciting game played this week, one with tons of opportunities to learn from.

Tuesday to Friday I was away camping so didn't work on chess everyday, however I did start working on the tactical vision exercise shared in my last blog. I can already tell this exercise is working! Of course nothing you do over one week will drastically change your skill, but I could see my vision slightly improving, and can only imagine the potential of continuing this drill for months.

For the upcoming week, I will try to do the tactical vision exercise each day, as well as doing some much tougher puzzles how I normally solve them. I'm sure tactics are no doubt the quickest way to improve my chess level. Game 3 of the Summer Tournament will be scheduled and played this up-coming week and I look forward to the next round! If interested in learning about the tournament and tactical vision exercise, check out my last blog here: Online Summer Tournament: first impression from a member.

Here is a random 15/10 game played here on this week, that has tons of mistakes in tricky positions to review. I was in serious time trouble early on.

Written by @jay_1944

Thank you, Jason for your feedback. I'm glad that you enjoy our tournament!

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