Summer Tournament Week 4

Summer Tournament Week 4

FM Gertsog

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This article is written by @jay_1944, a member of Online tournament that I organized recently. And it reflects his impression about the the 4th round of our tournament!

Hi all!

Week 4 of FM Neustroev's Online Summer Tournament is wrapping up tomorrow, and week 5 pairings should be up soon. My winning streak came to an end this week when I decided to try a sacrifice with poor results. If nothing else, it is a good learning opportunity, and was an unusually aggressive style from my norm. Here is the game with analysis:

This week I have continued working on tactics, though never as disciplined as I'd like, and tried solving easy tactics blindfolded. Now that could use some work! Later it was decided I would still skip step one of the blindfold process (simply solving the puzzle), but would start at step 2 rather than step 3. Working through puzzles this way seems to be best for me right now.

On Sunday this week I have signed up for another tournament through Hamissauga Chess Club and the Canadian Federation of Chess. It is a 5 game open swiss with 15+10 time controls. After that, on to week 5 of this tournament. Looks like there is potential for 2 players to have a perfect score after this round.

Until next week...

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Written by @jay_1944

Thank you, Jason for your feedback. I'm glad that you enjoy our tournament!

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