VIDEO! French Defense: Winawer Variation (for white)

VIDEO! French Defense: Winawer Variation (for white)

FM Gertsog

Dear Chess Friends!

This is the recording from the webinar that I conducted on Sunday (17th November). I decided to publish it here, because some of you missed this webinar, but I'm absolutely sure that it was a helpful material and knowledge of these lines can help you to score more points in such irrational positions!

Also I promised to publish a PGN for this variation in my group. And you can get it for free.

To get it:

1) Please, join Tricks of Chess group on

2) Find the post "French Defense: Winawer Variation (PGN)"

3) There is a chess game inserted into the text. You should just click "Share", choose the tab "PGN" and download it. That's it!

Also I want you to know that participating in the webinar in live is much better than just watching the video after. You can ask your questions, you can also ask to cover some other lines (that I didn't plan to cover), you can suggest topics for our next webinars and, of course, you can answer my questions what helps you to understand the position better. Finally you can get more comfortable with this Variation!

I conduct webinars every Sunday at 10 a.m. (EDT), 3 p.m. (GMT), 6 p.m. (Moscow time). Just follow me on not to miss the announcement.

Best Regards,
FM Victor Neustroev