VIDEO! Webinar 12. How to Play with Opposite-colored Bishops

VIDEO! Webinar 12. How to Play with Opposite-colored Bishops

FM Gertsog

Dear Chess Friends!

This is the recording from the webinar that I conducted this Sunday (24th November). On the webinar I tried to explain how to play middlegames with opposite-colored bishops, what should you do and how it looks like in real games.

We analyzed 3 game fragments where white successfully exploited weaknesses:

  • Julius Perlis - Frank Marshall
  • Akiba Rubinstein – Rudolf Spielman
  • Tigran Petrosian – Lev Polugaevsky

You can find the analysis below, but I higly recommend to watch the video. If you don't want to miss any new videos, please, subscribe to my Youtube channel.

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The original idea of how to such middlegames with opposite-colored bishops is to start the attack, create weaknesses near the enemy king and then join your bishop to the attack. But you can notice everything from the games.

Game 1. Julius Perlis - Frank Marshall

Game 2. Akiba Rubinstein – Rudolf Spielman
Game 3. Tigran Petrosian – Lev Polugaevsky

And I also prepared 3 exercises for participants. If you missed the webinar, you have a chance to complete them now. Please, suggest a move/line in comments.
Exercise 1. Alexander Kotov - Mikhail Botvinnik (Black to move)
Exercise 2. Carlos Enrique Guimard - Alexander Kotov (Black to move)
Exercise 3. Isaac Boleslavsky - Olof Sterner (White to move)
I conduct webinars every Sunday at 10 a.m. (EDT), 3 p.m. (GMT), 6 p.m. (Moscow time). Just follow me on not to miss the announcement.

Best Regards,
FM Victor Neustroev