Webinar 124. Attacking Moves with the King

Webinar 124. Attacking Moves with the King

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Dear Chess Friends!

I believe every chess player wants to attack in a chess game. It’s easier to attack rather than defend. Moreover, if you make a mistake during the attack, you are unlikely to lose the game. But if you make a mistake being in defending the position, it may be decisive.

What if I say that sometimes to be able to continue the attack on the enemy king you have to play a move with your own king first?

There are actually 3 types of moves you can make in the game in order to support your attack: activization of the king, prophylaxis & escaping with the king to make a way for more pieces to join the attack.

For example, like it happens in this position when White played 1.Ke2 to be able to join the a-rook to the game.

The ability to make such moves with the king in time is part & parcel of many attack and this is why I’m going to teach you on my next 124th webinar “Attacking Moves with the King”.

The webinar starts on Sunday (15st of May) at 10 a.m. (EDT), 2 p.m. (GMT), 5 p.m. (Moscow time). This webinar is free. 

Please, join for the webinar on my Twitch or YouTube channels:
and improve your chess performance!

See you at the webinar!

FM Victor Neustroev