Webinar 43. How to Evaluate a Position Properly?

Webinar 43. How to Evaluate a Position Properly?

FM Gertsog

Dear Chess Friends!

You know, guys, strong chess players usually say that the correct assessment of the position - is half the battle! And I agree with them. It’s highly important to get a clear understanding of the assessment of the position you’re playing.

When your position is worse, you are trying to equalize it by several means: simplifying it by trading the material, distracting enemy pieces and disrupting your opponent’s plan or just improving your own pieces. But when your position is better you are looking mainly how to attack. It can be an attack on the enemy king or an attack of his pawn weaknesses or just a way to convert your positional advantage into a material advantage! Anyway, in these 2 different cases you apply different plans!

And, of course, most players are unable to evaluate the position properly! Usually they overestimate their position and underestimate enemy pieces activity and potential! It’s a common mistake that happens in my students’ games. Sometimes even I make the same mistake!

That’s why I decided to conduct a webinar devoted to this topic! Welcome to my next 43rd webinar - “How to Evaluate a Position Properly?”

In this webinar you will learn what factors to take into account to avoid faulty assessment of a position and what is more important the priority of these factors: what to pay attention first, what – second…

I’m going to illustrate everything by the examples of games played by top grandmasters and, of course, explain the ideas behind their moves:

  • Viswanathan Anand – Anatoly Karpov
  • Jose Raul Capablanca – Alexander Alekhine
  • Garry Kasparov – Deep Blue (1997)

The webinar starts on Sunday (2nd of August) at 10 a.m. (EDT), 2 p.m. (GMT), 5 p.m. (Moscow time). This webinar is free.

Please, register for the webinar with this link:


Please, don’t forget to register in advance and reserve your spot in case of high number of attendees.

See you on the webinar!

FM Victor Neustroev