Webinar 44. Blitz Simultaneous Exhibition with FM Victor Neustroev

Webinar 44. Blitz Simultaneous Exhibition with FM Victor Neustroev

FM Gertsog

Hey Chess Players!

It’s time to play chess! I’m sure you learned a lot from my 43 webinars and courses! Can you imagine we conducted 43 webinars devoted to different topics covering all aspects of playing chess: tactics, strategy, openings, endgames and, of course, positional play?

And now I’m sure it’s time to practice and play a few games to implement the ideas you learned! That’s why instead of our regular webinar I decided to conduct another Simul!

I decided to keep our blitz game format. I don’t want to run many games simultaneously this time; I’m going to play a short blitz game with everyone in turn (3’+2” or 5’+3”)!

Ready to demonstrate your chess skills and play against a FIDE Master?

Do you think you can beat me in blitz? Come and join our Simul this Sunday! At least you’ll some helpful experience!

Sunday is coming I’m glad to announce our New Simultaneous Exhibition format where you can play against me! And, of course, during the webinar you get a feedback about your moves and what you did right and what wrong.

How does this new format work? You can attend this webinar as a player or just a spectator.

If you want to be a player – register for the webinar and message me at tricksofchess@gmail.com that you would like to attend the webinar as a player (point your chess.com username in this message) and choose the time control (3’+2” or 5’+3”). When we start the webinar, just log into your chess.com account and send me a challenge (unrated). My nickname on chess.com is Gertsog. Don’t forget to send me a friend request on chess.com

If you want to be a spectator – just come to the webinar, look at the screen, suggest moves and lines or just comment it. I’m going to comment my moves and ideas too!

What do you get from such a webinar? First of all, you get an opportunity to play with a titled chess player. Second, you will learn how the master thinks:

  • What to take into account before making a move
  • What is useless (or doesn’t deserve our attention)
  • How to evaluate the position
  • And how to come with a plan in a complicated position

That’s why I welcome you to my 44th chess webinar “Blitz Simultaneous Exhibition with FM Victor Neustroev”!

If we have enough time, after finishing the games we can analyze them.

The webinar starts on Sunday (9th of August) at 10 a.m. (EDT), 2 p.m. (GMT), 5 p.m. (Moscow time). This webinar is free.

Please, join using this link:


See you on the webinar!
FM Victor Neustroev