Webinar 60. Inclusion of Passive Pieces in the Attack

Webinar 60. Inclusion of Passive Pieces in the Attack

FM Gertsog

Dear Chess Friends!

I always tell my students to develop all their pieces before starting any active actions. Chess players should use the principle of cooperation of their pieces. This principle was first applied by Paul Morphy. He contrary to the actions of his contemporaries tried to improve the coordination of his pieces in his games. Sometimes, he could even sacrifice material, but join more pieces into the attack and win the game after that!

However, it’s very often when chess players face with such a situation when they don’t have enough material on a certain side of the board to be able to succeed with the attack there. How to deal with it and join passive pieces in the attack as fast as you can? This what I’m going to teach you at my next 60th webinar “Inclusion of Passive Pieces in the Attack”.

I’m glad to welcome you to the 60th webinar “Inclusion of Passive Pieces in the Attack" where I'll explain what exactly to do to maneuver with your pieces to get them involved in the attack and at the same time to not slow down the pace of your attack. Of course, everything will be illustrated by GMs’ games.

The games played by top grandmasters I'm going to demonstrate at the webinar (and, of course, explain the ideas behind their moves):

  • Arthur Yusupov – Robert Morenz
  • Alexander Kotov – Mikhail Botvinnik
  • Tigran Petrosian – Boris Spassky

Come to the webinar, learn how to join your passive pieces in the attack and win more games!

The webinar starts on Sunday (13th of December) at 9 a.m. (EST), 2 p.m. (GMT), 5 p.m. (Moscow time). This webinar is free.

Please, register for the webinar with this link:


Please, don’t forget to register in advance and reserve your spot in case of a high number of attendees.


See you at the webinar!

FM Victor Neustroev