When and How to Attack in Chess?

When and How to Attack in Chess?

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My Dear Chess Friends!

Everyone likes to attack in chess. Even if an immediate attack is wrong plan, many chess players still prefer to use it. In these cases, the attack may result into several weaknesses into your own camp, so your opponent can take advantage of it.

How to define whether you should attack the enemy king or not? Well, there are several factors to take into account and I’m going to share them with you.

Another good question is how exactly to attack? How to expose the enemy king? Should I initiate a pawn march, attack with the edge pawns or only minor and major pieces and how to join the rooks into the attack? This is what chess players usually struggle with.

I’m going to answer all these questions in this video.

First of all, in order to attack there should be 2 preconditions in the position. If at least one of them doesn’t exist, your attack is likely to fail. They are the following:

The center should be closed or stable, so your opponent wouldn’t open the position in the center and obtain a counter-play. You should have material majority on the side where the enemy king is located or at least you see how you can bring more pieces into the attack to achieve the majority. Material majority is not required if the enemy king is compromised or exposed.

Now let’s define how exactly to attack in types of the position:

  • On the same castled position
  • On opposite castled position
  • And when the enemy king is in the center

In this video you learned when you can initiate the attack and 3 typical plans of how exactly to attack depending on the enemy king’s position. I’m sure this knowledge will help you a lot to succeed in attacking and will improve your performance.

Thank you for watching and make sure to like this video, subscribe to my Youtube channel and share it with your friends - chess players, so they can learn these typical plans as well. If you know any other typical ideas and plans of how to initiate the attack on the enemy king, please, share it into the comment section below this video.


Best Regards,

FM Viktor Neustroev