World Champions Blunder: Anatoly Karpov's Most Epic Blunders

World Champions Blunder: Anatoly Karpov's Most Epic Blunders

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Dear Chess Friends!

I’m sure you always get disappointed when you blunder in a chess game and as the result you lose the game. But what if I say that everyone blunders? Even World Champions. Can you imagine Garry Kasparov blundering a rook? Or Anatoly Karpov missing a win? What will you say after watching a classical game when Magnus Carlsen blundered a piece? Or Bobby Fischer overlooked a simple 2-3 moves combination?

In this video series I present epic blunders, oversights, missed wins by world champions. And your task is to decide which one is the most epic.

This is the first video where I chose Anatoly Kaprov’s games and 5 of his incredible blunders.

1) Anatoly Karpov - Robert Hubner

2) Larry Christiansen - Anatoly Karpov

3) Viktor Korchnoi - Anatoly Karpov

4) Garry Kasparov - Anatoly Karpov

5) Judith Polgar - Anatoly Karpov

In this video I explained 5 games played by ex-world champion Anatoly Karpov, his mistakes, blunders and missed wins. So, don’t be upset if you blunder anything. Just try to play the next game better.

Thank you for watching and make sure to like this video, subscribe to my channel and share it with your friends - chess players. Please, also share your opinion and choose from the 5 I demonstrated (or suggest your own example) of the most epic blunder of Anatoly Karpov into the comment section below this video!

I hope you enjoyed this video and don’t miss the next one, where I’m going to present the other world champion – Bobby Fischer and his blunders. 

Best Regards,
FM Viktor Neustroev