An Amazing Puzzle!

An Amazing Puzzle!

GM Ginger_GM

Just the other day I was fortunate enough to stumble across the following message on twitter:


At first glance this puzzle seems rather bland, but the more we venture down the rabbit hole, the greater and more beautiful it becomes. For a start, how on earth can White ever win? It seems impossible for the White King to ever enter into the position.

I do think that this puzzle is an excellent example of an important area of chess that is not mentioned enough in chess manuals; Visualisation

Visualisation is one of the key things that can make a professional player stand out from an amateur player. The concept of being able to visualise patterns and ideas in chess is one of the most important skills in becoming a better player. In order to win this position you need to picture where the White Knight and King should be, then you just need to work out how to get them there!

This puzzle took me about 15 minutes to solve in my head. Can you do better? Well, have a go. You can find the answer at the bottom of this blog post, but try to only look when you have solved the puzzle! Good luck!


1 - Visualise the position that you want, that will be winning for White

2 - Try to work out how to get there.

3 - Move your Knight to the most active square that you can.

4 - Look for ways to leave your knight to be captured, as long as it gives you a winning King and Pawn endgame.

5 - This puzzle is very hard!

I have also made a video on this puzzle, if that is your preferred thing. 

Warning! Solution below, only look when all hope has gone!