Computers can also be Confused

Computers can also be Confused

GM Ginger_GM
Jan 16, 2018, 6:26 AM |

With the emergence of AlphaZero, humanity must be in serious danger. It is only a matter of time until such a program solves chess and eventually takes over the world, leaving us humans as there feeble pets or play things.

Feeling a bit like John Conner from the film Terminator, I thought it was about time we stuck one to the machines, this time on the chess board. To do this I started to look for cases where the computers assessment of the position is wrong. Computers can not always be correct, are they?

For example the following game was played in the speed chess championship. The position looked like an easy win for Hikuru, but things were not so clear...

The final position is a dead draw. but Komodo 10, one of the strongest computer programs around gives the position as a +2.7 advantage to Black!

The next example is from a study. It seems that Black is easily winning as his g-pawn will Queen, but White has an amazing way to gain a positional draw.

The final position is a dead draw because Black's King can never break through the force field that the two White Knights have created. In order to win Black needs to use his King.

What about the next position? What should White play after ...Rh2? I found this position on the forum, just goes to show how great you guys are!

I am pretty confident in saying that no computer program would ever consider playing Ke1 or Ke2. The computer just considers this move a blunder, even though it is the best plan.
I will leave you with one more example, it is Black to play and draw. What should Black do? The computer wont help you...
Try this position out on your own computer program. The computer believes that White is winning, but that is not the case.
Do you have any examples of the computer getting it wrong? I would love to see!