Most amount of Queens in a Grandmaster Game!?

Most amount of Queens in a Grandmaster Game!?

GM Ginger_GM
Nov 29, 2015, 6:58 AM |

My last competitive game of chess was a completely bonkers affair; during the course of the game six different Queens made an appearance on the board!! This got me thinking about certain chess records and bizarre chess facts:

Some of which we will take a look at below. First though, I must show you my 'Six Queen Game.'

An exciting game, but a nasty result for me. This loss cost me the grading prize of £500 and a number of rating points. 

Lesson to learn - Never play on the same day as when you have to fly. You will rush your moves and not be able to enjoy a celebratory/commiserate drink afterwards... The most annoying thing was that after I rushed to get my plane, it was delayed by a couple of hours. So no need to rush my moves... 

Was this a record with Queens? I doubt it. But let's now take a look at some other strange records that have occurred at the chess board. (The main source of these facts is the excellent book, 'The Even More Complete Chess Addict' - Mike Fox + Richard James.'

- The longest game of chess that was actually played (not including world record attempts) was I.Nikolic-Arsovic, Belgrade, 1989. It was drawn on move 269!!! After 20 hours and 15 minutes of play. No, I am not going to include the game here!

- The longest game in a World Championship match, and also the only game in a such a match to end in Stalemate was, Korchnoi vs Karpov, 5 game, 1978. 124 moves long!

- What is the greatest number of Queens on the board at once!? This seems to be five Queens, which has occurred in a few games. Tresling vs Benima, Winschoten, 1896 and Vondung vs Lamprecht, correspondence, West Germany, 1972. I also found the following game, which was played by the talented Spanish GM, David, Anton Guijarro vs Alejandro, Franco Alonso. Eldoibar, 2011, 1-0.

- Longest sequence of checks in a game? - In Britton vs Crouch, London, 1984. Black made 43 checks in a row!!



Wow! This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to records. Does anyone out there have a chess record that they think will beat everyone else?

Let's hear it!