The best Pub in the World - Welcome to the Good Knight!
The Good Knight Pub, in central Oslo.

The best Pub in the World - Welcome to the Good Knight!

GM Ginger_GM

Chess? Beer? Pub? What can be better! 

Around about a month ago I treated myself to a weekend trip to Oslo, with one destination in mind. The Good Knight pub. A pub dedicated to two things, chess and beer. Oh yes, heaven is a place on earth!

This is only a short blog, as you must experience the vibe there in person, but what a great time I had.

Let's just mention the band of chess brothers that joined me on this trip. 

Blair 'Switcharoo' Connell - Once a legendary player, this 2200 cowboy enjoys nothing more than a party and good company. 

Simon and Blair enjoying a beer!

Gerry 'who runs the best tournament in the world' Graham - Gerry from Limerick is in charge of the Bunratty tournament in Ireland - - Gerry's other major talent is music, which he treated us to at 3 am on a Monday morning...

Bjorn 'The Viking' Sjogren - I met Bjorn through streaming and become friends at the GingerGM's first-party ( . Bjorn has started to do a bit of work for GingerGM and we often stream together, as you can see in the next video

Garry 'The Russian' O'Grady - Gary has been one of my best friends for years and it wouldn't be the same without his presence!

We were also going to meet one of my oldest friends in chess, Torbjorn Hansen who helps run the bar and some other good friends. 

What a weekend we had!! This is one place that every chess player should visit! Chess boards everywhere, great bar staff, fantastic beer, and a mutual love - CHESS! For sports pubs, this place is where it is at. The atmosphere is dark in places, chilled and moody. The bar also stays open to 3 30 on Friday's and Saturday's. Perfection. 

A five-minute walk from the central station this place is very easy to get to. Grab a cheap flight and then you're there. I will leave you with a picture or two and a video lecture from the pub. 

Here is a talk that I did on Saturday at the pub.

Check out their website and facebook page here

It has been rumored that even Magnus on occasions can sometimes be seen solving 30 move chess problems in the bar...