Wing Gambit against the Sicilian - Try it!

GM Ginger_GM

Let me play devil's advocate for a moment and throw this next statement straight at you - Elite chess is becoming boring.

Is there not more room for creativity, unique ideas and exciting games at the lower end of the chess spectrum!? 

Take a look at the recent London Chess Classic, a great event which was a real feast for any chess lover. But surely even the most passionate chess lovers among us, must have got a bit worn out with the endless amount of Berlin openings that were being played.

The chess at the London Classic seemed to become a recurring nightmare after a couple of days; White plays e4, Black plays the Berlin, Queens get exchanged, pieces come off, endgame occurs, draw. 

This is because elite chess players are becoming too damn good! Their own greatness is hampering the ability to simply sit down; play some gambit and let loose with some old fashioned coffee house rubbish. Then again, if I was getting paid their fee I would hardly complain...

Luckily, I am still enough of a chess patzer to be able to not give a darn about what happens at the board Cool



Obviously I am not jealous at all of these top players Tongue Out 

What should we be aiming for in chess? To get better, or simply to have some fun!? 

A bit of both would be good. Will you dare try the Wing Gambit!?