Learning by doing!

FM Giorno
Nov 29, 2010, 10:55 AM |

Hey guys! It´s monday and I would like to introduce you anew part in my blog called "Learning by doing", where I will teach you by games. It´s a bit different to puzzles, as this part will be based on my games here!

The first thing I want you to know are the so called pre-moves.

It´s a very important technique especially in 1 0 Bullet games. How do they work?! First of all, you have to activate this function in your Control Panel => Live Chess => Settings => "Enable premove"

Premoves allow you to make moves without loosing any time. You can make moves BEFORE your opponent makes a move, so if you always start with p.e. 1.b3 and 2.Bb2, you can just move it, whatever your opponent is playing! 

But be careful: Don´t always make the same premoves, otherwise you can be tricked out, like I did against thebulletpro:


Hope it helped you to improve your bullet skills :-)