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Chess on Mars/Venus

Aug 24, 2009, 4:57 PM 1

While men think about the glory of conquest and military matters, it is the women who are left in charge when men go off to war. In ancient Persia or Turkey, women routinely defended the village when men left for war. The Amazon Warriors of myth(reality) were said to have a homeland around the Black Sea and to have once conquered King Midas' kingdom. Pagan goddesses like Venus and Artemis were heroic examples for women. Like the slave who is banned from learning how to read, women have long studied chess and other games of war. Many things that women have pursued over time remain hidden. Ephesus was said to be founded by Artemis and was a favored Christian community in the New Testament. Could there be a common denominator? - perhaps chess perhaps not/ Martians do like checkers you know; seems to be better for most of their egos.

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