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Insight to a Pawn

Jul 2, 2008, 6:57 PM 1
This is just one view of the true meaning of a pawn. Once upon a time, Chess was a game without a Queen. In that place stood an advisor to the King. As the game and society evolved, so did a place for the "helpers" of mankind. However, Chess became a "Royal" game limited to gentlemen and ladies. No one of the common class cared. As the history of the game played on,  men occupied the most conspicious places of play. However, true to the nature of the"fairer" sex, a separate interpretation of the pieces developed unknown to man. You see, for a pawn to become a Queen- the pawn must by all accounts start as a female. Since most females are passive and nuturing by nature- this role at least in Chess was left to the Warrior Class. Thus, the Amazons with hidden faces assumed the role of pawn with highest aspirations of becoming a Queen later in the game. We only list regular promotion of a pawn because underpromotion is usually not a goal of the game or position. This is an example of Amazon logic for this blog.

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