Understanding chess

Jul 2, 2016, 9:56 AM |

There is a few way´s to improve your chess.

First of all, you need to ask your self, if only you like to play this game as a hoppy ore maybe a sunday-entertainment,  ore if you want to play on a tournamen level.

Wee can not all be as good as Kasparov ore karpov, ore Carlson for that matter.

Anyway. There is a few way´s to improve our understanding of this game, wee can sign our self op to ( in to ) a chess club, and find somone to play with.And wee can invest in som books ore "jump" on a chess site like this one, play som games and solv puzzels. 

All this will improve our skills to this game. Learn from chessplayer that is better at it then you, and work on it, and you will soon realize that you are getting better.... :-)

In this blog I will try ( I am not very good at writing in English ) 

to run over som theme´s that is importen to understand, if you want to improve your skill´s.I cant give you all, after all I am not a grandmaster, but I will try to explain som of it, and I hop that it will help you, and give you interest in becoming better, ore inspires you to study. I like to point out, that all the theory - puzzel etc. is from games, that anyone can find in a book, ore on the internet,many of this games I use, I have found on the site: chessgames.com and even on this site, under the end - game section and so one. 

Theme 1.

The windmill. 

This theme, is very new for me, 5 years a go I did not even know, that there was somthing like this in a chess game, but there is and I have to say that, this skill have giving me a lot to improve my understanding of this game. 

To be continued