The Hansen Gambit.

Jun 27, 2016, 11:42 AM |

Many years a go, I found a crazy idea, that I have been useing alot, and have found very interesting to play. I like to point out, that the idea, is not new, but I like to  say that I have been beating players abouve my own rating, so I like to belive that this line is fair to play.

it occurs somtimes in Blitz game...( it very good in blitz :-) Starting from the Scottish variation: 1.e4 - e5.2.Nf3 - Nc6.3.d4 - exd4.4.Bc4 - Bc5.

It was a tournament with a "best of 3 game´s" round, with around 20 players.( rating from 1400 to around 1900 ) I continued to lose when playing White, and draw with Black, as the best outcome.

Many of the players ( befor my idea, wich was in round 3 ) play the Philidore defence : 1.e4 - e5.2.Nf3 -  d6. wich at that time I did not have a good answer to....

From the first few game´s it annoyed me that I was in a position where I have no idea aboud what to play ore not. In round 4, I was trying to prepare for my next opponent, starting with the White side. Around 10 min befor the game, I cam op with an crazy idea, wich I took a look at Briefly befor the game. I ask my self why not trying to convert the line in to somthing else, ore  At least try to confuse my opponent.

So I cam op with the funny idea to play: 2.d4 - ... wich at som point "forced" Black to make an decision. Either take the offer´d pawn, ore ignore it and try to develop the game, wich can transform the game in to alot of variations. The game my go in the the classisk position of the Scottish/two knight variation, and possible is also Max lange gambit -  Italian opening Giuoco Piano, and a few other line´s. It is highly recommended, that you know this line´s as it usefull knowledge and will help you in many way´s, sins Black is NOT forced to play ( accapt ) this gambit.. Also I like to make very clear, that if Black accapt, the main line, he ( ore she ) is NOT IN A LOST POSITION. 

How ever. Black will find it difficult to get organizes.

Ok. Lets start with the main line and position, and look at the position that I like to share with you dear reader. :-)

Ok. so there is two way´s to get in to the  desired position from the start position.1. e4 - e5.2.Nf3 - Nc6.3.d4 - exd4.4.Bc4 - Bc5.5.c3 - dxc3...ore 2.d4 - exd4.3.Nf3 - Nc6.4.Bc4 - Bc5 etc. ( see diagram 1 )I dont think it is importen to use alot of time on this. How ever, if you do not like the Phillidor defence opening.1.e4 - e5.2.Nf3 - d6, ore allow Black to play the Latvian gambit 2.Nf3 - f5.I can personly recommend 2.d4.

let me explain .. 


Let´s say the game go´s like this:  1.e4 - e5.2.d4 - d6 ( phillidore defence )Here, White can consider the "slaughtering" idea: 3.dxe5 - dxe5.4.Qxd8 + wich leaves Black´s king side very week. If Black try to lure the game in to the latvien gambit with: 1.e4 - e5.2.d4 - f5. (?! maybe even ?? )White can play somthing like: 3.exf5 - Qe7 ( seems best, sins 3. ... - Nc6, give White a clear advance after 4.Qh5+, g6 dosen work, sins White can take it with the pawn on f5, and now hxg6 is losing as White win´s the rook on h8. After 3. ... - Nc6 ( ?! /?? ) 4.Qh5+ - Ke7.5.dxe5 - Nxe5.6.Nc3 - Nf6.7.Qe2! ( with the idea to play f4!! ) and White is on top of things... )

Ok. So after Black take an extre pawn, wee can arguments ore discuss if White is a tempi down here. I will leave the discussion of that to stronger player ore the theorists.

White´s next move is based on a " I BLOW YOUR MIND", ore Your position ( surprise attack ) with the move. 6.Bxf7+ - Kxf7.( more ore less forced. )7.Qd5+ ( see diagram 2 ) Ok lets be serious for a moment here, of couse I dont blow anyones mind, but with the Bishop offer and the check, most player would be surprised by the aggressive sacrifice.Black is more ore less forced to take back with the king, leaving the possibility to play 0-0 for Black. At the same time, White have created a weekness on Black´s kingside. ( f7 )


Now sins Black is more ore less to forced to take the Bishop, White follow´s up with: 6.Bxf7+ - Kxf7.7.Qd4 + - ... White wins the  sacrifice Bishop back, by attacking the Bishop on c5 with the check. Black can choose from a few move´s such as 7.Qd5+ - Kg6?? 8.Qf5#, wich was my very first experence with this crazy/funny idea. I remember the game very well, becouse he was a player at 1840, and I was around 1500 at that time. But then, it was a blitz game, and anything can go wrong here... 


The best move for Black seems to be Kf8 Wich I will call variation A, but sins Black also play´s Ke8 somtime´s I will use som time on that as well, under variation B. 


Variation A. 

After 7.Qd5+ - Kf8.8.Qxc5+ - d6. ( 8. ... - Qe7.9.Qxe7+ - Nbxc3 - a6. (9. ... - d6.Nb5!, gives White a clear advance. )  9.Qxc3 -  Nf6.

See diagram below

And now wee are in the position, where wee want to be. White have giving op a bishop and two pawn´s, for the weekness of Black´s kingside, and a bit "stuffy" position. Blacks last move make´s sens, sens he´s behind development, and the f7 square is exposed. At the same time, I can point out, that White´s queenside, is also a strong possible allied. one idea that I have been working on is:

10.Nbd2 - Bg4.11.0-0 - Bxf3.12.Nxf3 - ... And it not easy to find a good move for Black. Also funny is.11.b4 - ... The idea is to bring the Bishop to b2, and trying to start an attack via e5, by moving Bb2 - follow by b5, forced the knight to move away and attack in the center with e5. Whites Black - square Bishop the Knight and the Queen, is forcing their way through.. How ever, this play is not that easy to play, sins Black can take the knight at f3, if Black move´s the bishop to g4.

( see diagram 3 )

Anyway. I like to turn my ( your ) attention to som of the confusion that can occur. As I referring to earlier, Black is not forced to accapt this way of playing. 

 After. 1.e4 - e5.2.d4 - ... Black can move everything from 2. ... - d6 - Nc6 - Nf6 - Be7 - Qe7 and so one. After 2.d4 - exd4.3.Nf3 - ... Black can again choose from many options. Black can choose to play 3.Nf3 - Nc6 ore 3. ... - Be7 and also possible is 3. ... - Nf6.

Many players at 1500 and above, may choose the standart move´s in the two knight opening: 1.e4 - e5.2.d4 - exd4.3.Nf3 - Nc6.4.Bc4 - Nf6 ore 4. ... - Be7 follow by Nf6.At 1600 and above you may run in to the Italian variation Giuoco Piano, and also a complicatet line as the Max lange gambit. 

It is my experence that people from 1400 and to around 1700 ELO. Dosen dare, ore maybe they dont know, that White face challenge complication, in the Max lange gambit.

After: .1.e4 - e5.2.Nf3 - Nc6.3.Bc4 - Nf6.4.d4 - exd4.5.0-0 - Bc5.6.e5 - ... Many dosen dare to play d5 her. But! This is infact a very fin move for Black, wich give White two options to play. White can answer 6. e5 - d5. with 7.Bb5 wich will turn the game in to the two knight opening, ore White can play 7.exf6 and here I think that many players around 14-1500 ( ca. ) dosen see that White is in NO EASY position after.7. ... - dxc4. This position is not so easy for White to play, as Black gain more space, and have two stron paw´ns that is attacking on the Queen side.  




To be continued