Where to get Middlegame positional puzzles

Jul 9, 2012, 4:42 PM |

Does anybody know any good websites that have chess puzzles on middlegame strategy (not tactics)? The type of puzzles for middlegame that i am looking for includes prophylaxis and defense, pawn structures, your own piece improvement, limiting opponents pieces, and positional planning.

Since there aren't too many sites that include this I will start a series of blogs on the different aspects of chess middlegame strategy that include various puzzles that will hopefully help your strategical understanding of chess.

Here's a few useful links that have some annotated master games.



Best way to study this is probably put those annotated games into scid or chessbase (i use scid so i know that you can hide the moves) and test yourself by hiding the annotations and the next move. When  you can't figure out the move you can turn on the move back on and it will show you the move and the annotations behind that move. This is probably the best way of studying middlegames without paying a single penny to anybody. You can also practice your endgame from these annotated games.