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The Choice

Dec 5, 2013, 12:46 AM 1

There are a lot of games where despite my best intentions I make really stupid mistakes. Usually they are because I am doing something while I am playing my game (yeah I'm not good enough for all that). Anyway after losing a rook and a knight early to a very obvious trap to an opponent ranked lower then me my mouse was hovering over the resign button. I mean even now looking over the board position after move 13 I was dead in the water. However I had just read IM Silman's blog about people winning in hopeless positions when their opponent loses focus or makes a mistake so I thought I would play on. I turned off the television and committed myself totally to the game considering every piece and trying to find a way to slowly gain back anything I could. What happened next was just proof that when you have the option sometimes its better to play on.

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