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Is chess ONE way or THE way against Alzheimer´s?

Is chess ONE way or THE way against Alzheimer´s?

Aug 26, 2014, 10:55 AM 6

Does chess is just one way to avoid or reduce Alzheimer´s or IT IS the best defense against it?

1. Are there any current Grand Masters or International Masters that suffer from Alzheimer´s disease? Please, if you know somebody could you tell us whom he or she is and something more about him or her (e.g., about what age he or she started to suffer, do family members also suffer from it).

2. Do you know any Grand Master or International Master older than 70 that keeps a quick mind and a great memory? Could you share with us something about him or her (e.g., how well does he or she plays compare to his or her best times, how much has his or her current ELO fallen in relation to his or her best ELO, besides chess in which other areas does he or she performs well). By the way, the book by Harpard Elo, "Ratings or chess players past and present" shows a decline in ELO with age.

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