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Anti-Falkbeer(Lance Attack)

Anti-Falkbeer(Lance Attack)

Sep 19, 2015, 5:58 PM 0

I have come up with a new useful move in the Falkbeer Countergambit. It has never been used in any master games but after playing a few games with it, it appears not only sound but quite useful to me. It starts from a regular Falkbeer and then you simply put the queen on h5. I will show you diagrams below with different ways to play and include extended lines that I have looked at in each of them.

1. Dxe4

2. Exf4

3. Nf3

4. Nc6

Those were some main lines that I came up with for the opening. Now to show an actual game with the newfound Lance Attack.

O.k maybe that did not go so well, but it was due to my bad play, not the fault of the opening. Try this opening out for yourself and if you learn/find anything feel free to comment about it down below (your input is much appreciated). Hopefully the Lance Attack can become a considered opening against the Falkbeer.

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