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Love Triangle

Love Triangle

Sep 9, 2015, 5:20 PM 2

Today I will be showing you a crazy opening that I came up with(I think) called the love triangle. It comes out of the tarrasch defense of the queen's gambit. Why is it called the love triangle you ask? Because after a series of crazy moves both king's will have 2 ladies Tongue Out. (Warning! soundness is very questionable and this opening should probably be used more for blitz)

 I have no idea of how to play after both sides queen or of any other variations but feel free to do your own research and leave some comments of what you find.

O.k I have a little bit of research myself and have had help in the comment section and here are some new/alternate variations, since if you play the main line as black you can get down a full piece if white knows what they are doing.

Gambit Variation

Exchange Variation 

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